Republican Sample Ballot

Moore County Republican Primary Ballots

Here are weblinks to the 2020 Moore County Republican Primary Ballots:

[Click on the "R00##" number below to see the sample ballot.]

If you are not sure if you are in House District 52 or District 78 you can look this up at the Voter Search - Click Here and find your House District under the section labeled "Jurisdiction."  If you are registered to vote in Moore County it will be either "52" or "78."

Only Available to registered Republicans or Unaffiliated voters who request a Republican ballot.

  • R0010 - Voters in House Dist. 52
  • R0011 - Voters in House Dist. 78
  • R0012 - Voters in House Dist. 52, Sheffield Township & 18 yrs & over**
  • R0013 - Voters in House Dist. 78, Sheffield Township & 18 yrs & over**

**17 Year old voters may not participate in the ABC referendum